duminică, 28 februarie 2010

3 M Salad

Very light, simple and fast to prepare.

It is called "3 M Salad" because, we use only 3 ingredients, each one of them starting with the letter M, - in Romanian:

- Morcovi - carrots
- Mere - apples
- Miere - honey

Grate the carrots and the apples and mix them with honey.

Can be served at breakfast, at dinner, or as a dessert.

You can add nuts, sesame or seeds...


vineri, 26 februarie 2010

Dessert Seed of Sesam


- oatmeal 2 handsfull
- Gano oat cereals - ( if you don't have i can help you:) 1-2 sachets
- coconut flakes - a spoon
- sesame seeds - 2 teaspoons
- can optionally be added banana piure

Mix all of the above with some honey. Form little balls and roll them through sesame seeds.

Enjoy a sweet life!

Sunday Salad


- carrots
- parsley
- celery
- canned green peas
- pickled cucumbers
- mayonaise

You chop the veggies in a blender into small pieces. Than add the whole can of green peas.
Cut the pickles into small pieces also.
For the mayo you can use an egg, oil , mustard,
mixed in a blender. In the end, mix all ingredients,
and add some spices, salt and pepper too.
You can decorate it with little piece of green parcely.

Tuck in !